The Flaming Atheist

It tastes like burning!

¡¡El Ateo Llameante!!
2 October
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A bit about me

  • I lost Jesus (as opposed to finding Jesus) many years ago. I am a freethinker.

  • 6'5", I'm good at reaching things on top shelves

  • Married (to craftologist), snipped, no kids, no pets.

  • Grew up in Barstow, California in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Ex-Coast Guardsman (10 years), Ex-volunteer firefighter, current computer dude.

  • Delinquent guitarist, one of my resolutions for 2005 2006 2007 is to get playing more. I like all sorts of music - bluegrass, rockabilly, swing, hard rock, country (REAL country like Hank Sr., Bob Wills, Dwight Yoakam).

  • I like to weld, mostly making sculpture stuff with oxy-acetylene or MIG/TIG, although that's on a bit of a hiatus due to apartment living and lack of display space.

  • Myers-Briggs INTJ, trying to break out of the introvert mold but it doesn't come easily.

  • Offbeat sense of humour, many brilliant ideas that seem to disappear before they meet paper or keyboard.

  • I volunteer at a local no-kill cat shelter once a week as a caregiver/cat petter.